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Get rid of your TV

This is an excellent way to save costs. No advertisements being pushed into your home that make you want to buy things. No cable bill. No DVR bill. That can save you tons in a year!

If you need a crutch, you can watch TV online at Hulu or at the producer’s websites for many

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Play the No Money Game

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Have you played the no money game? It’s easy to learn but hard to master.

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Cultivate a Network

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Having friends and being social is a dual edged sword when it comes to saving money. We want to keep up with the joneses by going out and playing, but we also gain immense amounts of value from having friends around us. You might end up going out with those friends, hang out in amusement

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Thoughts about Saving Money

Saving money tips are not for those who have no money. Most people will spend to the exact width of our purse, and just a little bit beyond. Saving money tips are for those who have a surplus of money and might have issues figuring out where to spend it. The minimalist lifestyle says that

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