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Proper Maintenance

Wear and tear happens on a vehicle with every mile that you drive. Take it to the shop on a regular basis to make sure that you’re following the schedules that are outlined in the owner’s manual. If you get your vehicle maintained, it lasts longer and saves you lots of money down the road.

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Reduce Electronics

Simply put, the more stuff that you’ve got going on in your vehicle, the more energy that it uses. If you’re using the air conditioning, the radio, and everything else within your car, it’s going to use more energy than if you’d chosen to go without.

Pay with Cash

Because of the fact that Visa and other cards charge a per transaction fee, there are some gas stations which will charge a cash price and a credit card price. Usually, the discount that you get is small, but it does add up over time. The place down the street gives you a 5 cent

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Purchase a Moped

Mopeds usually run on electricity from a battery, and if you’re just tooling around town you can get some amazing results from just the moped. If you’re not able to get away with a moped, motorcycles are also good for getting some awesome gas mileage

Make Sure that You’re in Overdrive

Overdrive gives that extra boost of power to your car without increasing the gas that’s being used to power it. Most cars place you in overdrive already, but there may be instances where you’re just in drive. If you’ve got it, use it.

Get the Fuel Injector Cleaner

Fuel injectors can get clogged, meaning that it takes a little more fuel to push through to get to the engine. When you put a fuel injector cleaner in your car, you’re cleaning up those buildups and deposits, making your vehicle a little bit more efficient, and saving money on your gas.