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Make Sure Your Tires are Aligned

When your tires aren’t aligned, various things can go wrong with the vehicle. They might start scraping, or become improperly inflated, and more. It’s always best to keep your car maintained and free from damages or defects, because of the little bit of gas mileage that you’ll get out of the deal.


Telecommuting is a option that’s not on the table for many people, but if it is available, it’s well worth the effort. You’re saving a lot of money on the gas. It also gives you a little bit less stress because you’re not on the road as long. That’s one of the reasons to consider

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Use Steel Belted Radials

Steel belted radials give your car a little bit more traction, and means that the car doesn’t have to work as much. Remember that the whole thing here is to get your car to be as efficient as possible. That way, you’re maximizing the money that you spend on your gas.

Get Gas on the Best Day

I’ve not seen much evidence of this with my gas station, but there’s others who will swear that the gas prices overall go down with the further away that you’re from the weekend. That way, the gas stations can capitalize on the fact that you’re going to go out for the weekend, do some traveling,

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Remove Snow Tires in Good Weather

Snow tires are great in snow, but they’re awful in other kinds of weather for the gas mileage. If you’ve got them on your vehicle and it’s not appropriate to have them there, take them off so you can save a little bit in gas.

Make a Driver’s Log

Keep track of your gas mileage as well as any of the repairs that you’re getting done. That way, you can be more aware of how much gas that you’re actually using, and how much it’s costing. Wear and tear on your vehicle will show by the loss of gas mileage, but it doesn’t come

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