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Resolutions Suck

New Year’s Resolutions suck. Yeah, they’re a nice ‘feel good’ measure that people can take to avoid the rush of actually making a change, but they suck in general. Lose weight, stop smoking, become a better person… all goals which have no substantive basis in the real world. And yet, people are content to make

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Water down your own drinks

You’ve heard of that water in the store called Hint, right? It’s water with just a hint of pineapple or hint of berry or hint or something else. You can make your own by getting a big ol bottle of grape juice or some other juice and adding very very little into the mix. Your

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Have no power days

There’s two ways to arrange these. The first is the obvious one of not paying the bill at all. The power company will be more than happy to interrupt your service. Unfortunately, that knocks out the fridge and you’ll be forced to couchsurf to get those beautiful, beautiful hot showers that you’re only taking a

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Do you really need to eat?

Eating is overrated, and you’ve always wanted to start on the diet, right? Fasting is one way to do it. Eating one meal a day of popcorn is another way to do it. You’ve nabbed all of that movie theater popcorn, might as well live off of it. And, the job that you have will

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Cut your own hair

Barbers charge too much. You don’t need to know how to cut hair to cut your own hair, just do it. If you have an especially cloudy mirror, your friends and neighbors will compliment you on your eclectic tastes. Who knows? You might be one of those trendsetters that you have read so much about.

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Bike ride from work

It doesn’t matter how long of a bike ride that you have, or how early you have to leave in the morning to make it to work on time. Bike riding is good for absolutely everything! 30 miles each way? You’ll get used to it after the second or third week, and you’ll be able

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