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Five Free Gifts for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Here are some FREE ways to show how much you care in the middle of February.

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Hit Up Thrift Stores

How to save money on books by hitting up thrift stores.

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Go to the Used Book Store

Going to the used bookstore is a fantastic way to find the older portion of the catalog for your favorite authors.

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The Holistic Nature of Money

20 Dollar Bill

Money affects all of our decisions, many of our thoughts, and all of our lives. Where doesn’t money come in to play?

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Spend MORE money with Insurance!

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TUM and I recently claimed domestic partnership, and I was added to the company insurance. I thought, ‘hey, I’m doing the right thing by having health insurance!’ and did the happy dance because my out of pocket expenses were going down. There was much cause for rejoicing! Right until I did the comparison.


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What We’re Eating (Follow Up)

We haven’t bought groceries here since January 4, but it’s about that time. We would have gone a couple of days ago, but we went to a convention and spent lots of money on food. The total money that was spent was around $127.

This doesn’t reflect the cash that TUM spent on food,

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