All the Best Made Plans

My parents didn’t talk to me about money. We’re taught that it’s a taboo subject around the dinner table, though many kids had the experience of getting to hear their parents fight about it. Now, it’s been a while since I’ve been a kid, and I’ve been managing my own money for a long time, but there are times when I forget that it’s a completely psychological thing.

We wrap our value up in the money that we earn. We ‘invest’ in ourselves when we take a course or spend time doing whatever we do. So, those who are not earning money or feel that they’ve been getting the short end of the stick are considered ‘worthless’ – entirely a money term. While our net worth is literally wrapped up in the money we make, our self-worth is something different.

Our self worth is wrapped up in what we’ve done, where we’re doing, the ideas that we’ve had, and a whole manner of things. It’s not just how much money we made. Compared to Warren Buffett, for example, I’m lower than a dimple on a ladybug… but I still consider myself to be pretty darned important in my world.

I did what I said I’d do yesterday by paying for the car payment and replenishing the money used for medication. I got an invoice out to the client who will pay by the end of the week, so now this week is generally cleared. There may be another $40 coming in, but that won’t hit til next week. With freelancers a lot more than 9-5ers, it’s usually just a whole lot of little things adding up to the main cash flow.

I paid $80 to a doctor’s appointment, and instead of going to a grocery store, I spent $13 on eating at a decent Mediterranean restaurant which had cruddy service. I think that it’s because I’m female that I got bad service, but the food was good. I won’t be going back, but I won’t disparage the food. Babaganoush and lentil soup. Pretty darned tasty.

Oh! I also spent a total of $6 on getting two pictures done on Fiverr. I should be getting those by the beginning of next week – I want to get a few more (for a total of 5) done before I spend around $50 to get a few decks of cards made. I think I have a reasonable idea of what I want, and I think that 5 picture cards will make a great MVP. It’s perfectly okay to spend only around $100 on a project, right? I hope so.