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Water down your own drinks

You’ve heard of that water in the store called Hint, right? It’s water with just a hint of pineapple or hint of berry or hint or something else. You can make your own by getting a big ol bottle of grape juice or some other juice and adding very very little into the mix. Your

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Make dumpster diving into faith

Dumpster diving should be part of your religion. Go through the more affluent neighborhoods and see what the other part of the population throws away. Chances are, there are many things which you can use in your own home. If you’re hungry, hit up the restaurants for their trash at the end of the night.

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Live in your car

Houses are for those people seeking stability. You don’t need a house. You have a mobile studio right where you are. There are also great opportunities for getting your wireless so you can play with your laptop at the truck stops and more. Living in your car offers you the ultimate in mobility.


Couchsurfing is an age old art that is done among friends and total strangers. If you are wanting to visit a new city or state and are living in your car, you can get yourself a shower if you take the chance to couchsurf. You don’t like being around smelly people, and they will insist

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Maybe you have made a few cups of tea with that bag. Make some more! There are purposes for everything that you can think of. If you have rainwater available, you can take a shower. If you have popcorn kernels, you have little pellets. If you have lint, you can make candle wicks and kindling

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Sue over inconsequential details

You can sue over the tiniest little things. Nobody likes to get sued, and so companies will do everything that they possibly can to get out of the lawsuit and keep it out of the public eye. Threaten lawsuits as much as possible, and you might get a boatload of free stuff.