Category: Food and Drink

Save money on food, groceries, eating out, and alcohol with this category. The suggestions offered here are proven ways to reduce the amount of money that’s being spent on food. Next to mortgage and rent, this is the highest monthly spending category for most Americans.

What We’re Eating (Follow Up)

We haven’t bought groceries here since January 4, but it’s about that time. We would have gone a couple of days ago, but we went to a convention and spent lots of money on food. The total money that was…

What I’m Eating (with shopping list and costs)

In our household, the monthly expenses (arranged from highest to lowest) go rent, food, power, gas, and phone, with water and trash service rounding out the bottom. Of all of them, food is the most easily controllable of the costs. Here’s some ideas about making this food thing work.

One Pot Meals

A one pot meal is not only tasty, but it has got to be among the cheapest in meals than you can ever have. Here are three suggestions for one pot meals, along with prices per serving.