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Cheap Eats: The One Pot Meal Revisited

My mother recently gave us a crock pot. Occasionally, she hits it out of the park when it comes to stuff I need but won’t buy for myself. I’ve talked about one pot meals in the past, but this particular gift makes it so incredibly easy to cook them.

Crock pots are awesome for

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What We’re Eating (Follow Up)

We haven’t bought groceries here since January 4, but it’s about that time. We would have gone a couple of days ago, but we went to a convention and spent lots of money on food. The total money that was spent was around $127.

This doesn’t reflect the cash that TUM spent on food,

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What I’m Eating (with shopping list and costs)

In our household, the monthly expenses (arranged from highest to lowest) go rent, food, power, gas, and phone, with water and trash service rounding out the bottom. Of all of them, food is the most easily controllable of the costs. Here’s some ideas about making this food thing work.

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One Pot Meals

A one pot meal is not only tasty, but it has got to be among the cheapest in meals than you can ever have. Here are three suggestions for one pot meals, along with prices per serving.

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Make Lemonade

Lemonade is obnoxiously cheap. There’s people who would claim that it helps you lose weight, but the lemonade itself is just downright tasty. Why do you think that there’s so many Southern Belles offering their handymen some lemonade? That, and adults don’t have to feel childlike when they drink it

Drink What you Buy

How many times have you gotten some soda, opened the bottle and let it sit in the fridge until it had gone stale? That happens to folks more often than you think. After a while, those unused soda containers add up to serious cash, so it’s always good to drink what you get.