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Charge an Entrance Fee

It’s occasionally inevitable that you’re going to have to throw your own party. You might be a little bit lazy and don’t want to travel to your friend’s places anymore. You might figure that you’re obligated to throw a party just to see if you can throw a great party. In any event, when you

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Make a Brewers Club

These are sprouting up everywhere. If you have a brewing club, you can taste the efforts of your drinking colleagues. If everyone brings a gallon of their best brew to a party, you’re never out, and you get to find out about the exotic tastes in beer that your friends have.

Go to Other People’s Parties

Yes. It’s cheating. But, in all seriousness, there’s very few parties out there where there isn’t enough to go around for the extra folks that show up just for the parties that are being held. If you’re looking on college campuses, there are tons of parties happening all the time, and this means that there’s

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College Specials

All of the bars around the college campuses want to receive some business from the students. They will constantly run specials so that they can attract the money strapped students toward their bar. Dollar well drinks? Not a problem. In fact, there are often some awesome loss leaders given on off nights.

Buy in Bulk

You can usually pay less by the ounce with the more that you get. If you’re buying the cheap vodka, you can practically get gallons of the stuff for around $10 bucks a throw. I know that I’m exaggerating a little here, but it’s dependent on what you’re using it for. The good stuff, the

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Split the Bill

Going out in a group is great for those who get a lot of stuff at the restaurant or bar. It sucks for those who never get much. For those who are larger drinkers, it’s always best to split the bill evenly