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Hit Up Thrift Stores

How to save money on books by hitting up thrift stores.

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Go to the Used Book Store

Going to the used bookstore is a fantastic way to find the older portion of the catalog for your favorite authors.

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Make Your Own Decorations

Making your own decorations can be a fun pastime for the entire family. Remember stringing popcorn and cranberries? You can also make your own wreaths and stockings for significantly less than you would purchase them at the store.

Don’t Send Out Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are something that you can easily spend a small fortune on. If you’re going to be seeing people over the holidays, there’s no need to send them a card as well.

Do You Need to Wrap It?

Bags are great for wrapping paper,, and they’re easily available. Usually, they’re cheaper than wrapping your present, and they save time and money in the long run.

Have a Pot Luck as Your Gift

Everyone loves food. Have a pot luck dinner for your Christmas meal to save on the costs of getting turkey and ham and all of the other accoutrements on your own. That will also give you a chance to try out your Aunt’s famous pies and other items that you don’t get to experience during

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