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Secret Santas and Family Gift Exchanges

Secret santas and gift exchanges mean that you only have to purchase one gift. Everyone brings a gift to the table, and it doesn’t matter what you get, because you’re in it for the fun and comraderie of being around other folks. You can really make it special by limiting the gift dollar amount to

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Go for Practical

Socks still have their place. As do ties and other pieces of clothing. When you go practical, purchasing at a dollar store, you can definitely make your mark and cut down the list with impunity.

Make Your Own Decorations

Making your own decorations can be a fun pastime for the entire family. Remember stringing popcorn and cranberries? You can also make your own wreaths and stockings for significantly less than you would purchase them at the store.

Don’t Send Out Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are something that you can easily spend a small fortune on. If you’re going to be seeing people over the holidays, there’s no need to send them a card as well.

Do You Need to Wrap It?

Bags are great for wrapping paper,, and they’re easily available. Usually, they’re cheaper than wrapping your present, and they save time and money in the long run.

Set a Real Gift Budget

Setting yourself a hard limit for the spending that you’re planning puts the money situation into focus. When you make your list, make sure that you put the dollar amount that you’re willing to spend near them. You might believe that money is not an object, but you’ll feel the pain come January.