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Read Free Ebooks

The great thing about our modern times is that we can have electronic books delivered right to our doorstep for significantly less than it costs to have it printed. Even better, there are certain places which offer free ebooks, be it that the author wants to get some more publicity or that they’ve got great

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Friends of the Library Sales

Once every quarter, the libraries around my area have a Friends of the Library sale. This is where the library gets all of the books that they need to get rid of, offering them all to the public. There’s rows upon rows of books, having to do with nearly every subject imaginable. This is a

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Enter Contests and Giveaways

With our internet connected society, you have the luxury of being able to read plenty of blogs. There are many blogs out there (too many to really list here) which will have the giveaways on books that you possibly want to purchase. When you enter one of the online giveaways, your odds are fairly good

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Try Out a Book Swap Site

I’ve heard of Bookcrossing, where you surreptitiously find a book out in the ‘wild.’ Book swapping sites work on the same concept, harkening back to the times where little old ladies would trade their romance books back and forth. In this case, there’s a lot more people involved in the little old lady ring, but

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Now, I have to admit that I don’t purchase books all that often. Half is a company that’s owned by Ebay, and it’s got a lot of books available for purchase. There are also textbooks available there for those college students who need to get their reading material on the cheap. You’ve got nothing to

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Read Blogs

This comes down to the reason that you’re reading the book in the first place. If you’re wanting to gain information about a topic, you can make a few day’s work out of going through all of the resources on the web and making a treasure hunt out of it. There are many sites available

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