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Cheap Online Machines

There’s some deals which are only available online and not available in person. There are some stores which do not have a brick and mortar presence (like Newegg) If you’re willing to scrounge around for it, you can get some amazing deals.

Get the Latest and Greatest?

It’s almost never advised that you should get the latest and greatest hardware to run your video games. In all seriousness, the ‘lower’ systems will probably do just fine, and there’s a dramatic difference in the prices that you’re paying. I’m all about saving money here, and know that getting a middle system will almost

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Let Everyone Know

Talk to your coworkers. Talk to your friends about the fact that you’re in the market for a new machine. Chances are, they’ve got something old in the back of their house that might be good for what you’re needing. They might also be able to turn you on to good deals that are gotten

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Leave the Software Alone

Your hardware salesman will almost always try to get you to add some software, or some operating system to your new computer. Resist the urge, because there’s a ton of software that you can get for free that runs just as well as the expensive name brands. Before thinking about purchasing Microsoft Office, think about

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Compare Compare Compare

Doing your research for computers can never be bad. Compare the prices that you can get in the various places, and judge that against the things that you want for yourself. When you’re searching for a computer, remember that everyone’s out to make a buck and you’re trying to preserve them from the assailants.

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Cultivate Your Network

On the subject of getting your own technical person, you should cultivate your network to the point that you have two of these folks around, just in case one is busy. If you’ve got a tech person within your network, they’re usually ore than willing to fix machines for a lower price than if you’d

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