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Discounts for being you

There’s all types of student discounts, senior discounts, and military discounts available at all types of venues. You can also sometimes get a reduced rate at restaurants and other places. These discounts might not be that much, but they definitely add up in the long run.


Like to sing? There are plenty of bars out there which offer karaoke to its patrons. If you were planning to go out and about anyway, it’s an excellent chance to hear your friends sing some great songs. If you weren’t going to go out, the cover charges usually aren’t too stiff.

Go to Cheap Theaters

Every major metropolitan area has a cheap theater where you can find second run movies and the like. There’s a few of them out there that offer a pittance on admission, hoping that you’ll pay for their wonderful snacks that they have on hand. Going to a matinee is also suggested, as the matinees are

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Rent Games from Gamefly

If you’re needing to get your video game fix, you can get the games from Gamefly. They have all kinds of games available for a monthly rental fee. If you’re wanting to play the latest and greatest things, then take a look at this to see if you can save lots off of the cover

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Hulu has collected a lot of the TV series and several movies into its collection. They have entire series of television shows, as well as different studio lines of movies. Check them out when you get the chance, as you might be staying in a little bit longer to watch all the great stuff.

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Art Galleries

You can act all snooty if you want to, getting to see the artwork that’s displayed at an art gallery. The openings are usually held for free, and they sometimes even provide food for your trouble. They want to get people in the door, so you can rub shoulders with the artsy crowd.