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Use Frequent Flyer Miles to Get Mags

Frequent flyer miles are absolutely awesome. You can not only purchase more travel with them, but there’s the opportunity to get free magazine subscriptions and more with them. There are people out there who are more adept at this than I, but I do know that this is possible.

Wait Until It runs Out

Don’t believe the magazine places when they tell you that your subscription is running out. Wait until it actually DOES run out and then make your decisions about where you’re going to renew. There are some places which will actually send you renewal notices after the first issue in the subscription.

Look for Business Rates

Business rates. Business rates are often at least ten percent cheaper than the non business rates. Ask for them, though, since the clearing house wants you to pay full price.

Avoid the Magazine Website

The website for your favorite magazines will more likely charge full price for their subscriptions. They’re interested in getting the most subscribers to their mags, but they probably aren’t going to cut you a deal.

Cancel Subscriptions

This is rather an extreme move, however there sometimes comes a point when the need for frugality far outweighs having some of the more indepth pieces on your favorite superstars and building bird feeders. When you cancel your subscription, you are immediately eligible to resubscribe to the magazine at a (usually) discounted rate.

There’s Cash Back Sites, too

Your credit card points can be used for certain magazine subscriptions. They love it when you use your points to get them, so they’re going to give you some pretty good deals.