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Internet Cafes

Internet cafes are awesome for the team based games, or the combat fighting games. If you want to hook up with some friends and kick their butts, this is the perfect venue to do it. You can get the huge screen televisions and play the latest and greatest fighting games or FPSs. Usually, there’s a

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Play Older Games

Like the older consoles, search for the older games. They’re usually found in bargain bins as well as at yard sales and in pawn shops. These games, even a few years old, have been well reviewed which will give you an idea of how fun the game is. You might have even played the game

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Gamefly allows you to rent video games online and have several of them out at any given point in time. They’re considered to be the Netflix of the video game world. For a low monthly fee, you can have all of the cool stuff delivered to your doorstep, and you return it on your terms.

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Borrow from Friends

As has been well noted, friends are the source of many things which are good in this world. They’ve generally got similar tastes as you do, and that goes into the world of video games. They probably wouldn’t miss one of the games that they’ve played to death already. Give it a shot.

Replay Old Games

Some games are just that good, and worth replaying. If you’re someone like me who just flies through the game to get to the end, there’s probably a lot that the game designers put in there for you to find. When you go back through a second or a third time,it’s for the love of

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Reading the reviews for games is really useful. If there’s a game, chances are someone has played it and has had an opinion on it. If the gameplay really truly sucks, there’s someone who will be happy to tell you about it. If it’s one of those classics just waiting to happen, they’ll tell you

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