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Think About Palattes

Be honest with yourself. There’s some pieces of clothing that won’t look good on you because of the color. You might not look your best in a bright yellow or fuschia. Some people do, some people don’t. When you look at yourself in the mirror of the changing room, do you really look good or

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Shopping With Cash

Avoiding the credit cards is a great way to save money. You see, if you haven’t heard, credit cards charge interest every month, and the finance charges are usually a pain in the tushie. There’s a lot more satisfaction, too, from paying the cash at the register for the things that you want. You own

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Make Your Own

This is for those hard core folks out there. Learn how to use a sewing machine and make your own clothes. People were doing that for centuries before the advent of electricity. When you make your own, you can be absolutely sure that it’s of good quality and style. Remember, too, that your first one

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Care for what you have

Take care of the things that you’ve got, and they will take care of you. Try not to use your clothing as a mouse pad or as a cat bed, especially when you’re thinking about wearing it the next day. Hang up the clothing as soon as it escapes from the dryer, or fold it

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Look for Dual Purpose Clothing

Can you use this pair of pants as a workout outfit and dress slacks? How about the cool sweater that you’ve got? Can you use the clothes that you’ve got for any occasion? You want to have clothes that are great for any occasion.

Wear Your Clothes Down

Wear your clothes as long as you possibly can, before they’re falling apart at the seams. If you take good care of your clothes and remove stains when they first appear, you can keep them around for long enough to literally wear them out. When they start showing holes, you can be very well assured

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