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Closeout and Wholesale Stores

Closeout and wholesale stores are great for getting some of the best fashions for a lot cheaper than you’d get them at full price. Remember, the whole goal is not to have to pay full price for anything.

Look for Sales

Sales are great, as long as they’re really sales. Watch out for those businesses that will mark their items up just to knock them down once more. In some of the more popular stores, they’ll run some great sales to get rid of their inventory.


Designated drivers are awesome, and should definitely be supported. If you’ve got a designated driver anyway, you might as well drink some of that wonderful domestic stuff or the homebrew that you’ve got sitting at home before you go out to the bars. You won’t have to worry about the high prices for the drinks,

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Bring a Tiny Amount of Cash

Those who don’t bring that much don’t spend that much. The credit card might be great for limits of thousands of dollars, but do you really want to spend that on one night of entertainment? If you stick with the cash, you can limit yourself and your spending. It also gives you a great excuse

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College Specials

All of the bars around the college campuses want to receive some business from the students. They will constantly run specials so that they can attract the money strapped students toward their bar. Dollar well drinks? Not a problem. In fact, there are often some awesome loss leaders given on off nights.

Split the Bill

Going out in a group is great for those who get a lot of stuff at the restaurant or bar. It sucks for those who never get much. For those who are larger drinkers, it’s always best to split the bill evenly