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Non Dry Clean

Dry cleaning costs money, and it’s often unnecessary to get stuff that’s dry clean only. Many great looking pieces of clothing are machine washable, and they can save you money because you’re not having to spend your time and money to haul them down to the dry cleaners.

Brew Your Own

Nothing says devotion so much as making your own. The brew your own shops are becoming more popular, as people are realizing exactly how cheap it is to make their own booze. It’s legal to make up to 500 gallons of wine, as long as it’s not for resale. It’s still illegal to make moonshine,

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Make a Brewers Club

These are sprouting up everywhere. If you have a brewing club, you can taste the efforts of your drinking colleagues. If everyone brings a gallon of their best brew to a party, you’re never out, and you get to find out about the exotic tastes in beer that your friends have.

Get a Space Heater

This works under the same principle as only heating the room that you’re in. Space heaters don’t use as much electricity as heating the entire house, and you can get a little more directional with them.

Get a UV Coating

Shades that you place on the cars can also be used on the windows that you’ve got. It provides a little extra boost in the energy efficiency, and they’re not too terribly hard to install. You can get this at the home improvement stores for fairly cheap, or you might be able to make a

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Whole House Fans

Whole house fans can be installed in your home and keep the whole place cool. What you’re doing is placing a series of fans in your home which are all run by the same conveyor belt. The power runs into the motor to keep the entire house cool, saving money over the traditional air conditioning

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