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Pay in Cash Up Front

If you have the cash, you can get away with paying the cash up front to the apartment complex. That way, you’re taken care of for a year or so, and they know that they have a tenant in there. They’re willing to give you deals if you bring the cash to the table

Buy a House

Houses. Yes, getting a house is cheaper to you in the long run, but it will not be worth it for the first couple of years. There’s maintenance that you need to do, as well as other bills, so the prices on the house work out to just around the prices of apartments in a

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Be Prompt With Payment

This one is sort of a no brainer. If you’re not prompt with the payment, apartments charge you an arm and a leg (and can even evict you) for non payment. Most of all, it’s a serious hassle when you miss payments because of those extra fees that are tacked on. By having a policy

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Be a Caretaker or Property Manager

Property managers often get deals on their rent, just for making sure that the property is well maintained. It’s a pretty good gig, though there are times when it will cause headaches. If you’re handy, though, this might be the best thing to do to get a lower rent.

Be Neutral

If you’re searching for a place and have found the one that you’re really happy with, don’t be enthusiastic about it. The company will realize that they could have charged you more and then take advantage of that fact at later encounters. It’s a tragic thing, if you’ve got more demand, there’s a premiumm on

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Ask for Lower Rent

There are many things in this world which are available if you ask for them. Send a properly researched letter to your landlord to appeal for lower rent. Look at the trends and the other information from around the area, and, if you feel that your rent is too high for legitimate reasons, you might

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