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Light Colored Decorations

Lighter colored decorations will make your home feel more cheery, as well as act as a little bit more insulation on the walls. Granted, it’s not that much, but any little bit that you can use to keep the heat and cold inside of your house instead of seeping through the walls is delightful.

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Electric Blankets

When it comes down to heating your house, the real truth of the matter is that you want to keep yourself warm. You figure that the cat has fur, and that the basement when you’re not in it doesn’t need to be heated. So, electric blankets around the feet work just fine for making sure

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Get a Space Heater

This works under the same principle as only heating the room that you’re in. Space heaters don’t use as much electricity as heating the entire house, and you can get a little more directional with them.

Heat Only the Rooms You Use

There are some systems which will allow you to heat only the rooms that you use. You can accomplish this cheaply by closing the vents to the places that you’re not using the heater, as well. The idea works that if you only have a limited space to heat, it doesn’t take as long or

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Take a Hot Shower

Hot showers are wonderful. What you can do is get your body heated up higher than it would normally be, then finish up and wrap yourself in a blanket to insulate yourself against the cold. My problem with taking a shower for that reason is that I have the tendency to curl back up in

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Use the Fireplace

Fireplaces are awesome. That’s all there is to it. Watching the flames is one of those things that folks like me can do for hours. Wood’s cheaper to get a hold of than the electricity that you’re using to heat the house, and having the fireplace going adds a certain ambiance to places. Building a

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