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Leave the Oven Door Open

After you’re done cooking using the oven, leave the oven door open after you’ve turned it off. It’s got to cool down anyway, and you’re not using any additional power. If your living space is hooked up to the kitchen, you can warm the area without any extra hassle, and you can have the great

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Get a UV Coating

Shades that you place on the cars can also be used on the windows that you’ve got. It provides a little extra boost in the energy efficiency, and they’re not too terribly hard to install. You can get this at the home improvement stores for fairly cheap, or you might be able to make a

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Dual Flush Toilets

There are dual flush toilets available. These vary the water usage depending on the activity that you’re doing. If you don’t need as much, you use one of the settings, if you need more, you use the other. Apparently, these are really popular in Australia, but they’re a good idea to use here. After all,

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Change the Air Filters

Clogged air filters block the good air from getting into your air conditioning unit. If the suctioning power is reduced, there’s more electricity which has to be used to pull more air into the unit. More electricity means that there’s more cash involved.

Microwave instead of using the oven

The microwave doesn’t cook as long as the oven, so you’re saving money from the power that’s not used for your oven. Sometimes, though, the oven is the more useful of the appliances

Install low-flow shower heads

I am so very fond of high pressure shower heads. I want shower heads that really knock the rafters off. Low flow shower heads mean that you’re using less water all the way around, and getting your clean without the total inconvenience of having cruddy water pressure. That’s going to be one of the next

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