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Shop Around

If you don’t have a repair shop already set in stone, take a look around at the area. There are general repair shops, as well as shops that specialize in brakes, mufflers, and more. If you know how your car is malfunctioning, take it around to some of these places and get different prices for

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Dealers Love to Charge

Car dealerships often have service departments which will be more than happy to sell you the top of the line parts for the top of the line price. They shave no corners in their service or in their price. Sometimes, even an oil change can run up to $60 when you take it to a

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Junkyards, like Craigslist, are rather hit and miss. I’d trust them for things like exterior work, like getting a new bumper or headlight, but I’d be a little leery of using their services for engine work. Then again, there have been stories of people finding some great deals on radiators and engines at the junkyard.

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Record Your Repairs

Keep a notebook of the repairs that you get done to make sure that the same problems are not reoccurring too quickly. If you’ve just had the brakes done, and they start wearing down after a few months, you might have had a problem with the mechanic

Keep Your Mechanic at Bay

Your mechanic is after making money, too. They love to see your car running, but they also want to put in a few extra repairs to make sure that the making money part happens. Make sure that you write on the invoice that you are ONLY getting those particular repairs done, and any more need

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Get it Done at Once

When the repairs are absolutely necessary, see if you can get several of them done at once. What will sometimes happen is that you’re repairing your vehicle and since they have the car apart anyway, they can fix the other problems that are wrong with it. If your mechanic is fixing belts and hoses, they

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