Crowdsourcing to Save Money

Unless you are a trust fund baby, independently wealthy or some sort of entertainment or banking star you probably have wondered at some point in time (maybe within the past few minutes even), how you can possibly save enough money. We are told inflation is tame, that it is ok to spend and everything will be alright, but in the meantime it seems we have less money every month.

As the saying goes, two heads are better than one so why not 25 heads? Some of the top personal finance bloggers have come together to crowdsource ways to save more money and here they are for your saving pleasure: Crowdsourcing works, if you’re willing to listen to the answers.

1. Steve from Money Infant – My favorite way to save more money is by making more money. Keep your expenses stable and don’t become a victim of lifestyle creep and every extra dollar you make is another dollar saved. Plus it is fun and exciting and the potential to increase your savings is theoretically unlimited. The saying spend less than you earn doesn’t always mean you have to spend less, it can also mean you need to earn more.

2. Emily from Million Ways to Save – My favorite way to save more money is to be mindful of saving money. By taking those first steps toward mindfulness and your money, you can thwart the personal demons of loss of self control and bad spending. Saving money is all about keeping a little more in your pocket, rather than having personal financial regret.

I’m sending this on to Haru over at I’m Bleeding Money. He’s got plenty of money saving tips up his sleeve! 🙂

  • Love the idea Emily, let’s see this take off like wildfire! I’m now looking forward to what Haru has to add!

  • Great idea! Haru passed it on to me and I will hopefully find someone to pass it on to ASAP. Any suggestions?

  • Absolutely no clue, really. 🙂 I’m not necessarily sure who’s read the post – but this gives the opportunity to introduce yourself to fellow folks?

  • Email sent with suggestions Levi 🙂