Decisions and Mindfulness

On the 20th, we made the decision that all of the food that we eat shall be from the grocery store or from the garden. It’s a challenge, I believe it’s called the no restaurant challenge. We spent about $62 on groceries at Aldi that day and around $20 on groceries at Whole Foods on Tuesday. The Whole Foods food was somewhat cheating because we got meals from there which were fairly fast – I got sushi and he got hot food from their buffet table.

The real challenge is going to be tomorrow. Tomorrow, I have an appointment in Roswell where I’ll be away from the home for an extended period. I’ll have all kinds of fast food choices available to me, and have even kind of made up my mind that I want to spend $20 on a meal at the Indian restaurant that I found last week. There’s another part which says that it’s too easy and that I should resist.

The biggest factor that plays into my spending is convenience. Going to the Indian restaurant would be all about convenience. It wouldn’t be because I’m craving Indian food, nor would going to the Japanese buffet be all about the sushi. I have to convince myself that I have higher goals than that and when I do decide that it’s time to eat out that I should make the most of the experience by going out with those I care about.

In other money happenings, I have $692 coming in tomorrow and $240 most likely coming in on Friday or Monday (she said that she would be taking care of it this week). Next week, I bill out around $900 for the regular clients, and might pick up another $100 or so from another client. Next month is going to be a lot more fun on the money front because I’m expecting one client to come through bigly on June 22.

Assuming that the $240 comes in, I’m going to take that and the $692 and put in a mortgage payment ($650) and a car payment ($250) to clear the slate for next month.

I spent $20 today on medication. That stuff is non-negotiable. I spent $46 last week on it, and about $20 at Whole Foods picking up some arnica and some Tiger Balm.

The point of all this is that I need to be accountable for my own money situation. $20 here and $20 there have added up to hundreds and even thousands of dollars… and it’s money which could have been spent paying off the financial obligations that we have. Right now, I’m looking at the car with the hope that we can get it paid off early.