Five Free Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Three Not Too Pricey Valentine’s Ideas was a great read, filled with some awesome advice about the upcoming Valentine’s day shuffle. In thinking about it, I realized that my guy and I are extremists when it comes to holidays and shopping.

Our 8 year anniversary was yesterday, and though we said our happy anniversaries to one another, there were no gifts exchanged. My guy went to the store and picked up cat food, a chicken, some ice cream, and some popcorn – something which could have been done any day but just happened to be done on our special date. There were no secret anniversary-only plans.

We didn’t exchange gifts on Yule, either. There weren’t great amounts of cash spent on gifts for ourselves or our friends. We didn’t send out cards. In fact, the only things that he spent money for were the tree and the ornaments. This was a new thing – normally, we don’t spend anything on the holidays.

Valentine’s day acknowledges the fact that there are people who are willing to die for love. It’s somewhat based on a priest who died simply for joining others in matrimony. The commercialized version of Valentine’s Day says that we’re to offer tokens of appreciation for our loved ones in the form of cards, gifts, and more.

Five Free Gifts for Valentine’s Day

1. Gratitude

Your partner is willing to share their life with you on a continuing basis, not just on Valentine’s day. There are going to be times that you don’t like them. There will be times that you’re insanely in love with them. Look at the times in between and thank your partner for the stability and joy that they’ve brought to your life.

2. Services

One of the best gifts that I’ve received was the gift of having my guy clean the kitchen for me. He washed all of the dishes, swept the floor, got the counters, and more, staving off the need to have to wash dishes for several days. I will happily edit his book and cook his meals. For Valentine’s Day, I plan to go out of my way.

3. Love Letters

This was suggested in Tracy’s post, and there are excellent recommendations associated with it. Love letters are free, and they hopefully appropriately express the sentiments that are held for the other person. Here are some further tips on writing the love letter.

How to Write the Perfect Love Letter in 3 Short Paragraphs

4. Charity

We don’t necessarily go out and work at homeless shelters, but both of us take the time to help others in the ways which we are able. He is often devising workings to help our friends, and I am constantly reformatting their resumes. One of the best ways to say that you’re on board with a person is to work toward a cause which in which they believe. There is so much returned from charity that it’s difficult to say that it’s a one-way street.

5. Presentation

Marketers will tell you that it’s all in the presentation. Take something ordinary and put some flourishes and touches on it to make it distinctly yours. One of the things that I’ve done to spice up our meals is to write words and put hearts in them. I’ve recently been making meals that have some of the same design concepts as Epic Meal Time, but flowers and other edibles add a nice touch, too.

Whether it is February 14th or September 22nd, every day is Valentine’s Day. Purchasing gifts is one of the easiest ways to approach the season because the sentiment is ready-made. When you go a little deeper than mere trinkets, you open opportunities to truly connect with those loved ones. Free gifts will go a LOT further than the cards, rings, and flowers.

Image attribution goes to Epsos on Flickr