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Debt Free by 50

I’ll be 50 in the year 2020.

I currently owe over $100,000 to various places with the biggest debt in the house that I own. It’s a nice house and I enjoy it, but owing banks is a yoke that I don’t want to have.

Today is October 3, 2017

$76442.04 – Mortgage
$18154.97 – Credit Card
$10462.01 – Car

$105058.12 – Total

That’s a difference of $4687.22 for those of you who are keeping track out there. I would love to see more money put toward the car just to get it paid off even sooner, but right now we’re still doing pretty good. We’re working on reaching a happy medium between work and play – necessity and fun.

Today is May 29, 2017.

$77,118.58 – Mortgage
$21,176.91 – Credit Card
$11,449.85 – Car

$109,745.34 – Total

Holy gerbils! That’s a lot of cash! And, while I’d like to think of myself as being different and unique, in this case… I’m pretty average. There are a whole lot of people who owe a whole lot of money to folks.

My goal is to be debt free by September 2020.

In this blog, I’ll be talking about the strategies, concepts, and wiggly bits that I used to get to the debt free mark. You’ll find some ideas and thoughts from other folks in here, too.

Some of the subjects that I’ll cover:

The one thing that saved my bacon more times than I can count
Debt-busting strategies and experiments
The psychology of money and getting to 0
Side hustles to get debt-free