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Have a Pot Luck as Your Gift

Everyone loves food. Have a pot luck dinner for your Christmas meal to save on the costs of getting turkey and ham and all of the other accoutrements on your own. That will also give you a chance to try out your Aunt’s famous pies and other items that you don’t get to experience during

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Look at Coupon Sites

Coupon sites, like the other websites, have sales and specials on certain items. If you can find a coupon or three for something that you know others will like, get those and then save yourself a bundle of cash.

Turn the Points into Gift Cards

Do you have points on your credit cards? You can take those points and turn them into gift cards for the entire family. That way, the money has already been spent and you’re not feeling the pain when January comes.

Get Last Year’s Hottest

Last year’s trendy gifts don’t cost as much as this year’s trendy gifts. If you’re sure that they didn’t get the latest and greatest last year, you can make up for it by purchasing it for this year. You’ll save some money and your friends and family will be happy.

Look for a Pricing Guarantee

Pricing guarantees mean that if the stores lower their prices just after you bought something for full price, you have the opportunity to get a refund for the difference. Some of the larger stores are great for doing that, so you need to shop around.

Get an Artificial Tree

Artificial trees are good year after year. All you have to do is pack it up for the next year, and you’re all set. That way, you can keep the landfills clean and clear of debris and have something pretty to display in your household.