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Hang Up Your Clothes

Hanging up your clothes serves two purposes. The first is that there’s probably a lot of room in your closet that you’re not using so you might as well put clothes there. The second is that it keeps your clothes away from the cat who’s just looking for an excuse to jump at any hanging

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Look for Dual Purpose Clothing

Can you use this pair of pants as a workout outfit and dress slacks? How about the cool sweater that you’ve got? Can you use the clothes that you’ve got for any occasion? You want to have clothes that are great for any occasion.

Ask About Sales

If you’re a clothes person, you’ve probably already done this. Make friends with the person who’s behind the counter so that they might tell you when the clothes that you want are going to be on sale. They’re pretty knowledgeable about these things, and it will give you a little bit more indication about when

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Avoid Shopping at the Mall

Malls really seriously suck for those who are looking for deals. Those huge department stores are ready to gouge you for all of the money in the world, and you can get a few tee shirts for the price that you would pay for ten tee shirts somewhere else. They do occasionally hold sales, but

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Have a List Handy

Lists aren’t just good for groceries! They’re great for those who need to get clothing for the entire family. Besides, sticking with the list makes sure that you’re only getting what you need, rather than being swayed by the wonderful, wonderful stuff that is in the impulse buying racks.

Shopping With Cash

Avoiding the credit cards is a great way to save money. You see, if you haven’t heard, credit cards charge interest every month, and the finance charges are usually a pain in the tushie. There’s a lot more satisfaction, too, from paying the cash at the register for the things that you want. You own

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