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9 Solid Tips About How to Save Money on Electricity

Power bills account for $2200 in the average yearly household budget, making it third in household expenditures behind food. By taking steps to become more efficient, you are not only decreasing the amount of energy you are using (making your home more green), but you are keeping more money in your pocket. Here are 9 tips about how to save money on electricity.

I personally save over $50 each month.

1. Hot Water Heater Insulation

Wrap a hot water heater blanket around your hot water heater. This will keep the water hot a little bit longer, reducing the energy needs of the tank.

2. Replace Old Appliances

As appliances become older, they become less efficient in doing their jobs. That 20 year old dishwasher that you picked up at a yard sale will use more water than the Energy Star model, and it is more likely to break down.

3. Clean Air and Lint Filters

Cleaning the air filter for your air conditioning unit and the lint filter for your dryer will improve the effectiveness of these appliances by allowing air to flow more freely around the unit.

4. Get it Checked

Get a technician to come and take a look at your larger appliances. They might have suggestions to keep themm running longer, saving you more money. Their ‘tune up’ of your appliances will also give them a small boost.

5. Check for Leaks

Air leaks around windows allow air to come in from the outside. If you are running an air conditioning unit, it has to work harder. Many homes waste up to 25% of their energy through leaks and other easily repaired inconsistencies.

6. Keep the Temperature Stable

Find a temperature for your home and stick with it. One of the best ways to save money is to keep your home just a little colder in winter, and just a little warmer in summer. Your pocketbook will thank you.

7. Look at the Fridge

If your fridge is anything like mine, there’s plenty of stuff which can be thrown away. There are pickled radishes, there are greens which aren’t green, and more. Your refrigerator needs the air circulation to keep the good stuff cool.

8. Lights

Changing the light bulbs from the old lights to the new CFL bulbs will save money because they last longer and they’re more energy efficient. While you might be thrown off by the slightly increased price tags, it will pay back its price tenfold in energy savings.

9. Avoid Pre-Washing

Countless gallons of water are used by pre-washing the dishes before they get put into the dishwasher. They only need a simple scrape into the compost pile before they’re set into the racks. The energy efficient dishwashers on the market today take smaller amounts of water and will clean just as well.

Saving money on electricity is not only great for your pocketbook, but it’s great for the environment. Doing your part doesn’t have to be tedious – just think about the great things that you can do with the extra cash.

Photo courtesy of D.C. Atty on Flickr. Used with respect to the Creative Commons License.

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