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Get only the Apartment You Need

If you’re currently in a three bedroom, and you’re using one of the rooms as a storage room, you could potentially go to a two bedroom and not really notice it. Basically, take what you need and leave the rest

Find a Cheaper Apartment

Let’s face it – there’s a lot of folks in the world who use their apartment just to hold the stuff that they’ve got. They sit and use the computer, trudge into the bathroom, then come out and occasionally sleep. Folks don’t need that much space to live, but there’s often the need to have

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Read the Lease that You’re In

Leases have a LOT of stuff in them, and it’s difficult to read it all when someone’s holding a pen to you and telling you that you need to sign it right then. Now that you’ve had a little bit to ponder it, take a look at the lease and the lease terms that you’re

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Look for Lease Promotions

Lease promotions come often, where you can get the first six months at a reduced rate or that you don’t have to pay for your first month or something like that. If you’re really in the market for a new place, take a look at some of these deals that you can get

Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s insurance is valuable, but there are so very few people who get it. The reason is that there’s a little bit of cash spent every month on protecting your property. Thing is, if there are problems with fire or other disasters, the renter’s insurance can really save you in the long run. That little

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Get a Roommate

I tell you what, my roommate has saved my ass on a number of occasions. He pays his rent on time, doesn’t fuss, keeps to himself, and makes sure that he keeps everyone else happy. The best part is that he pays his share on time every time. I’ve had countless roomies, but 2 really

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