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Buy Store Brands

Some store brands really rock out. Some store brands suck. In most cases, all of them are cheaper than getting the name brand. If you’re set to drink some soda, and you’ve got a big adventure planned, give some of the off brands a shot. It can definitely save you some cash.

Leave the Soda Behind

If you’re only ambivalent about having the sodas in the first place and just need something to drink, this is the perfect opportunity to leave the sodas behind. Do you necessarily need that ginger ale for what you’re doing, or can you go with something else?

Drink Water

Water water water. It’s one of those things that we definitely need for our survival, and yet we don’t drink that much of it in our daily lives. I adore ice water and getting to crunch the ice in my teeth. It’s kind of annoying to those around, and it gives me the water that

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Add Extra Water

Don’t be afraid to water down your sodas a little bit, if you’re interested in making them last a little longer and saving some cash. I don’t know how well this works, as I’m more of a water drinker anyway, but watering it down definitely helps if you’re really really REALLY serious about saving some

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Stock Up on Sales

I’ve found that the best place to find sales on sodas is to go to the pharmacies in the area. They’re usually trotting those out as their loss leaders, and so you can get your six packs and your twelve packs for insane rates.

Make Lemonade

Lemonade is obnoxiously cheap. There’s people who would claim that it helps you lose weight, but the lemonade itself is just downright tasty. Why do you think that there’s so many Southern Belles offering their handymen some lemonade? That, and adults don’t have to feel childlike when they drink it