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Saving Money the Zen Way

Saving money sometimes baffles me. There are at least a million ways to save money, and each one has their pros and cons (link goes to an MC Napkin video. That dude’s got FLOW). Which one is right? In reality, it doesn’t matter.

Thoughts About Saving Money

Well, it does matter and it doesn’t matter. First and foremost, the primary goal is to save money. You’ll save more money by getting a used car over a new one. You’ll save more money by paying a little extra on the credit card balance than by getting more goodies. What really matters is that your eye is turned toward saving the money in the first place.

I’m prone to think about it like a fat person losing weight. The basics for losing weight have the fat person moving more and eating a less. The ‘right’ exercise doesn’t have to be on the table for that fat person, they just have to move more. When starting out on a savings plan, the same principles apply. The right fat loss program and the right savings plan will develop over time.

The most effective savings plan happens through experimentation, research, and more. There are some things which work for the novice saver which don’t work for someone who’s just trying to pay off that last credit card bill. Achieving the goal, whether it’s financial freedom or losing a lot of weight, takes consistent attention. The details will work themselves out.

Do your research, push toward the goal, and do a little bit every single day. You will have your targets within your hands in no time.

Picture courtesy of epSos.de at Flickr. Used under the Creative Commons License.

Do you have a plan, or are you winging it like me?