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Get Another Vehicle

You know that public service announcement. Know when to say when. If it costs more than the price of the car to get it replaced, you might want to seriously rethink getting another car. That’s another reason to keep track of the repairs that are done

Go to RepairPal

This was a new one for me. This is an excellent site which will give you the estimated cost of the repairs that you need made, based on the average price of the repairs around your area. There are many of us (me included!) who have no idea how much the repairs on the vehicles

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Do Your Own

Learn how to do the little things, and you’ll save some money. If you’re able to do a tune up or change the oil, that’s great. If you’re able to do more than that, like bleed the brake lines, change out a radiator, or change out sensors, that’s even better. In this case, it’s a

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Get a Free Diagnostic

Repair shops will charge you money to get your ‘check engine’ lights checked. They’ll hook your car up to a machine and get the computer codes to fix it. Occasionally they’ll waive the cost, but not very often. The car parts shops will give you free diagnostics on all of the check engine lights, in

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This will definitely save you money on transportation, but it will also save you in car repairs. The simple rule is that if you’re not driving the car, there’s not as much wear and tear being accrued on the vehicle. The less wear and tear, the less that you have to pay in repair bills.

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At Craigslist, you can get nearly anything. You can find nearly any service available within your area, too. There might be mechanics that are willing to do things for a lot cheaper than the shops. You can also find deals on headlights and engines. If that doesn’t work out, you can also find deals on

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