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Play Board Games

Playing board games helps to keep the mind sharp. You can play games like Scrabble or other types of games like that. There are many types of board games out there, of course, ones which test your mind and your stamina. Try looking in to a local comic shop to find some of the best

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Host a Potluck

Have a ‘because it’s Tuesday’ party or something over at your house. There’s not much to purchase, and if you announce that everything’s pot luck, you’ll get the chance to see how your neighbors and friends cook. This is something that also allows you to get some of the best entertainment of all

Babysitting Trades

This is more of a related field to the entertainment itself. Sometimes, it’s quite difficult to get a good babysitter, but if you’re trading time with a neighbor who also has kids, then you can just opt to go on that night. It’s very well worth it to invest in a babysitter if you have

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Poetry Readings

Check out the local places for some of the poetry readings in your area. These are often free or very inexpensive, and it will open your mind to new cultures. If you’re a writer, this is also an excellent way to read your own stuff for an audience.

Build a Fire

This is something which is a luxury of having a house. There are always areas in the back yard which can be developed into a firepit. There’s constantly woods available, and with enoug setup, you can build a little rock stone circle that really makes things happen. One of the beautiful things about a fire

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Check out Meetup

Meetup offers lots of ways for people to get together in all types of areas. If you’re looking for free networking meetings, or if you’re wanting to go out on a given night, this is the best way to find all types of places and events where people are meeting. If you’ve got interest in

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