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Used Games

Never buy new. That should be your motto. It doesn’t matter what you’re buying, whether it be cars or appliances or books, if you’re purchasing it new, then you’re taking the immediate depreciation that happens when you ‘drive it off the lot.’ Instead, search around for the same games in the used department. That way,

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Form a Library with Friends

Remember those friends that were talked about? If you get a bunch of friends together and form a library of games, then you can pick and choose from a number of collections. In all seriousness, the number of games becomes incredible with the more people that you add into the mix. After all, you have

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Try Before You Buy

Thankfully, there’s demos of a lot of games out there. This is especially prevalent in the casual game market. You have sites like Bigfish Games, which are more than happy to let you give the software a spin. This is one of the largest game purchasing sites in the world, with its extremely simple process

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There’s still places out there which will rent video games to the masses. It’s just a matter of finding them and capitalizing on their good nature. There’s a few comic stores which will rent out the video games, too. It’s just a matter of searching, but there are definitely venues for your personal gaming nature.

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Free Flash Games

Kongregate and Armor Games come immediately to mind when one talks about the free flash games that are available. There’s many which are junk, but then there’s other games like Gemcraft Labyrinth and others which make up for the junk that makes it out into the field. Free flash games come in all styles, and

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Steam is one of those sites that’s just getting better and better for video game players. They’ve got a LOT of games within their library, but the coolest thing is that they’re running specials all the time. Since they’re delivering downloadable content, they don’t have to worry about what’s on hand or how many are

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