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Put a jar of water in your toilet tank

There’s some who will tell you to put a brick into the tank, though bricks can erode and get clogged up in the system. You want to displace enough water so that there’s enough to flush, but you’re really pushing the line as far as efficiency. Some suggest a plastic half jug of milk, others

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Install Irrigation Meter

Using an irrigation meter will help you keep more of a handle on the water that’s going into the sewer system. There’s some water which is used for irrigation, and some for the sewer. Most of the water companies will allow you to run a dual meter, just so you can get an idea of

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Install low-flow shower heads

I am so very fond of high pressure shower heads. I want shower heads that really knock the rafters off. Low flow shower heads mean that you’re using less water all the way around, and getting your clean without the total inconvenience of having cruddy water pressure. That’s going to be one of the next

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Put aerator screens on faucets

Aerators on faucets provide a bit of spray to the faucet. You’re reducing the amount of water that’s flowing to get a little higher pressure on the outcome. It’s like putting your thumb over the water hose, except you don’t have to put your thumb over the faucet to get the great yield.

Use Drip Irrigation for your Gardens

Drip irrigation saturates the roots and the leaves of your plants, without running the sprinklers day in and day out. The plants get a nearly constant flow of water to them, and you’re not running as much of a risk of oversaturation.

Turn Off the water while Brushing Teeth

You can lose a gallon or two of water just by running it while you’re brushing your teeth. It doesn’t need to run while you’re getting in the back of your mouth, you can run it when you’re done and rinsing off your toothbrush and rinsing off the sink when you’re done.