The Conversation Continues

We are a consumer-based society. That much is clear. At some point, there were some statistics about how we’re exposed to at least 5,000 brands in a day. The question is, are we paying attention to them?. But that’s not my point.

The point is, we’re surrounded by all types of marketers who are screaming at us to buy buy buy. And these messages add up – to the point where I don’t really even know what I want, but I know that I want to buy something. Today, I recognized that we needed some meat and spent $65 at Ingles on meat, potatoes, and other groceries.

May 20 – May 26
$63 – Aldi
$20 – Whole Foods
$13 – Mediterranean restaurant
$65 – Ingles
$161 – Total

I’m worried about the food, primarily because that’s the most controllable expense, but there are others that I need to be worried about. The debt is going to eat me if I let it, but I’m not planning on letting it. So, remember that $692 that was in the business account?

Yeah. Nope.

$270 went to car payment + replenishing $20 in house account
$300 went to the newly replenished emergency fund.
$50 went to his account
$72 went to the credit card to hopefully bash it down a little bit.

Everything that’s normally due is still on the table with the exception of the car payment which isn’t due until I think the beginning of August. I have the feeling that billing is going to be kind of light for the 1st of the month but really sweet on the 15th.

I’m doing my best to turn these big debts into small.