The Winning Roommate Experience

On Tuesday night, the youngest of the guys living in our household bailed to go live off on his own. This was a delightful moment, as it represented the fact that he had finally made it out on his own. He was free, and could officially put the crap that he’d been through behind him. He also represented a successful roommate experience.

I consider a successul roommate experience to be one where the roommate:

    Pays on time
    Keeps to themselves
    Cleans their area
    Doesn’t Break Stuff
    Causes No Drama

There are plenty of other qualifications for an awesome roomie experience, but I figure that if you’re living in my house that you shouldn’t put me through drama or make me have to jump through hoops to keep my life quiet. It’s one of those important things – like making sure that you eat your own food and such.

A roomie experience that has no casualties is one where we don’t have to do major cleanup, there’s no money owed at the end, and they’re not leaving us in a yelling or screaming fit. Preferably, they’re leaving because they’ve found love or that they can just move on with their lives.

    No money owed
    No serious cleanup
    No great secrets learned

This one was pretty good, and we’re thankful for the experience. We’ve all had roommates from hell, and there’s a likelihood that we’ve been a roomie from hell in the past, but ending on good notes where bridges are created is the best type of roomie situation.

Having a roommate saves money. You can easily split the rent that you’ve got to pay into halves or thirds, and that makes it a lot easier in the long run as well as making it easier to save some money for future things. We’ve had roommates here for a while just for that reason. We’ve both saved our asses from time to time, and it’s a delightful experience.

I’d love to hear about your roomie experiences. 🙂