What We’re Eating (Follow Up)

We haven’t bought groceries here since January 4, but it’s about that time. We would have gone a couple of days ago, but we went to a convention and spent lots of money on food. The total money that was spent was around $127.

This doesn’t reflect the cash that TUM spent on food, which brings the cost to a little over $250. The price of the hotel room was $330 for three nights. My mother picked up the cost of that one. It was a fabulous convention, and well worth the money.

We were fortunate to receive food from a friend to cover the cost of five meals. Imagine my delight when I saw a small roasting pan in the fridge filled with beans, rice, and chicken. Yesterday, TUM and I ate from that tin for five meals. It was absolutely awesome. Do not underestimate the power of friends when it comes to your food budget.

Now, it’s back to basics.